Project #4 "En el mar la vida es más sabrosa."
En el mar la vida es más sabrosa
en el mar te quiero mucho más
con el sol, la luna y las estrellas
en el mar todo es felicidad

-La Sonora Matancera & Carlos Argentino,
En el Mar
There is nothing like being at the beach.
Real pleasure in life consists of lying beneath
a palm tree while eating octopus ceviche,
and washing it down with a Tom Collins. This is the reason why, for our fourth project, we decided
to make an ode to the ocean with five subjects that interest us just as much as eating coconut with chili powder and lime in the sunshine: music, film, literature, art, and of course, Mexicanisms.
Project #3 “Either I’m in art or u’rine art…”
“Either I’m in art or u’rine art…” is a fanzine created by Subsuelo and Gonzalo Bustamante, philosophy student and a great friend of ours.
The objetive behind this editorial piece is to explain different Mexican phrases and expressions whilst exposing the pretentious art world with the help
of illustrations of famous artworks.
This publication is a tribute towards art, language, literature and the great sense of humour we possess in Mexico; therefore it has been translated to English in order to get to the heart of any enthusiast who shares the same interests as we do.
Project #2 "Barriga llena, corazón contento."
(Full belly, happy heart.)
Comilona selected Subsuelo to participate in their fourth edition, so we decided to collaborate with Inés Castillo and Daniela Fábregas in order
to create a menu based on six gourmet bagels.
Our inspiration came from different sayings
we have and use daily in Mexico.

Project #1 "Si no compra, no mallugue."
(If you ain't buyin' do not touch.)
Mexicanism: Characteristic and exclusive way of speaking Mexicans have. We started with this Project to give something back to whom has given us the most: Mexico.
About Us
Subsuelo is a creative and inquisitive duo.
We are interested in many things and everything is made by two persons: Don and Fon.
“Two heads think better than one.”

Each project is different. We started printing tees and sweatchirts by hand, but it won't always
be like this. Who know what might come out of the cellar next time.
- We are collectivists.
- We appreciate our cultural heritage.
- Details matter both technically and conceptually.
- We do make mistakes.
- Our projects exist thanks to you.
- We are proud of our work.
- We are as Mexicans as tortilla.